What Do You See?

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What Do You See?

Melissa Vuong, Writer

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What Do You See?

I don’t understand.

What do they see?

They keep on saying

That they see me.


But I still don’t get it.

All these colorful words

Spinning in my head –

Compassionate, cheerful, empathetic –

None of them stick to me nevertheless.


Why? Because I see me,

Just truly me.

I see a me without the glee,

I see a me who fails to lead.

I see a me who would rather be

Without the feelings that come with,

Well, the actual me.


The list is endless, as time if you please.

Rage, resentment, greed –

All of these little things come to me with ease.

Do I really deserve all of these words that I receive?


I’m hiding, that’s all I’m doing.

I’m hiding behind this shield I’ve created

Because it keeps me company.


Now that’s all said and done, please tell me.

Just answer this one little question:

What do you actually see

in the real me?