Little Star

Melissa Vuong, Writer and Club Secretary

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There was once a little star.


He lived in the universe with his fellow brothers and sisters.

But something ate at him.

He felt his light was too dim.


His family was in the billion

If not, even more than that.

So it’s no wonder why

He felt as small as a rat.


He’s not a mysterious planet,

He’s not one of their loyal moons.

And he’s especially not one of his fellow suns

That end with incredible booms.


He’s just a little star.


He’s lived for millions of years

Yet, he doesn’t think he’s lived at all.

The more he thinks about it –

What was his life’s call?


If he hasn’t done anything worthwhile,

He just feels like a waste

In the sea that is space

Full of brilliant stars

That shine brighter without haste.

Does he even have a name?

Would it even matter, all the same?


But then, he realized something.

Somewhere out there, in the universe –

He could have been part of a sky, in the day or night,

A part of a view

That would bring such delight.


He didn’t know, nor would he know, if he ever would

But the simple words of “I could”

Gave him a feeling greater than good.


With that said, he smiled.

Without knowing this either,

The last of his light burnt out like a fire.