9 Twenty One Pilots Songs Worth a Listen

The best songs of the album Trench by Twenty One Pilots you must hear in your lifetime

Catherine Torres, Staff Writer

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Want to listen to a band whose songs have both a great beat and a deeper meaning behind the lyrics? Twenty One Pilots is what you’re seeking! Twenty One Pilots is an alternative rock band from Columbus, Ohio, that is made up of two people: Tyler Joseph as the lead singer, and Josh Dun as the drummer. They’ve been best friends since a very young age and continue to be an iconic duo. On October 5, 2018, Twenty One Pilots released their new album, Trench. Their songs are all about Tyler’s struggle with mental illness. Blurryface is a made up character, introduced in the album titled Blurryface, who prevents Tyler from escaping, and appears once again in Trench. In the new album Trench, Tyler is in a place named Dema where he is being held captive. Here, he finds out Blurryface’s real name, Nicholas Bourbaki, and who he is: one of the nine bishops who control Dema. These are some of the songs from the album that you absolutely must hear!







#1. “Chlorine”

“Chlorine” is the fifth song on the the track list. This is one of those songs that will make you want to dance along to its great beat.. In the song, Tyler sings “sippin’ on straight Chlorine” which, according to Genius Lyrics, shows Tyler’s struggle with suicidal thoughts and depression.







#2. “My Blood”

“My Blood” is the fourth song on the track list. This song was leaked before the album was released on August 27th, 2018.  In the music video, it shows two young boys and how they grew up together. One of them especially protected the other in some difficult situations. The video also has a twist at the end!







#3. “Legend”

“Legend” is the thirteenth song on the track list. This song was written by Tyler Joseph to his grandfather who has passed away, according to Genius Lyrics. In the song, he states “My middle name, my goodbye.” His middle name is his grandfather’s first name.







#4. “Morph”

“Morph” is the third song on the track list. In the song, Tyler states “He’ll always try to stop me, that Nicholas Bourbaki”. According to Musicfeeds.com, Tyler had revealed that Trench is the continuation of Blurryface’s story. He discovers that Blurryface’s real name is Nicholas Bourbaki. “Nico is one of the nine bishops that govern the city of Dema” stated Tyler in a Musicfeeds.com interview.







#5. “Neon Gravestones”

“Neon Gravestones” is the seventh song on the track list. As Tyler explains, “Neon Gravestones try to call for my bones.” These lyrics are explaining that the gravestones are neon as a way to lure Tyler in with the bright colors. But for Tyler the “earlier grave is an optional way, no.”







#6. “Bandito”

“Bandito” is the tenth song on the track list. According to Genius Lyrics, Bandito is a name for those who have suffered with depression and suicidal thoughts, but got the help they needed. These people end up pulling through, and escaping Dema.







#7. “Jumpsuit”

“Jumpsuit” is the first song on the track list. This was one of the songs that was leaked even before the album came out on July 11th. In the music video, Tyler is captured in a huge Trench. A group of people, including Josh, are outside the Trench, representing that they have made it through depression. Tyler is also chased by Blurryface on a horse. In the music video, Blurryface leaves Tyler’s neck painted black. This usually means that Blurryface has made contact with Tyler.







#8. “Nico and the Niners”

“Nico and the Niners” is the ninth song on the track list. “Jumpsuit” and “Nico and the Niners” were both leaked before the album on July 11th, 2018. Nico and the Niners are bishops who control Dema. As Tyler states in the song, “Dema don’t control us” meaning he is battling mental illness, but the bishops are preventing him from escape.







#9. “Leave the City”

“Leave the City” is the fourteenth and final song of the album. Tyler is restless from trying to battle his mental illness. “But this year, though I’m far from home, in Trench I’m not alone, these faces facing me” is a line from the song to show that he’s not the only one battling mental illness.

Twenty One Pilots is a band many people can relate to, especially if these people have gone through a tough time in their lives and have battled mental illness, depression, and/or suicidal thoughts. Consider giving the whole album a listen!