Christmas: That One Feeling

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Christmas: That One Feeling

Omar Segura, Writer

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  Listening to the bells ring and watching the soft snow fall

  You know it’s that time of year

  Happy families and friends, all stay in one place

  Our hearts fill with that feeling of care.


  Back to back festive commercials of presents air

  You know this Christmas will be fair

  Seeing green and red paired

  The feeling is uncompared.


  No matter who is there, appreciate those who care

  For all those times here and there

  Appreciation is the best way to show how much you care.


  Enjoying the seasonal fest,

  It’s that one feeling of the year filled with holiday cheer

  In front is a tree with lights, decorations, and presents

  Again listening to the bells ring and watch the soft snow fall

  You know it’s that time of year.