Nintendo Switch Offers New Gaming Experience for Players

Nintendo Switch Offers New Gaming Experience for Players

Catherine Torres

The Nintendo Switch differs from traditional gaming consoles because it can be used in several ways. The console allows single player, single player with control, co-op with joysticks, and it even allows the game play to be seen on a Television screen. According to, “The novelty that comes with taking the console on-the-go does not get old. Switching is great.” Ana DelJesus, a junior in the Ross center, added that “I’ve seen students with their own and it amazes me how many different ways you can use it.”

The Switch isn’t easily affordable to most. The price to acquire a Switch ranges from three hundred to five hundred dollars. It can be purchased in stores such as Walmart or GameStop, or listed on websites like Amazon. Since the prices are vastly high, one might have to spend some time saving up for the console. GameStop has sold the console for three hundred dollars, and has also included a thirty-five dollar eShop card. Unfortunately, not even deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday has changed much of the price value for this console.

As of February 2019, the Switch has obtained an incredible 4.8-star rating, with more than nine thousand reviews on Best Buy. The Switch is a huge hit around the holidays, when parents are looking for popular gaming devices and toys to purchase for their kids. According to, during the month of December 2018, an exceeding amount of 1.77 million Switches had been sold for the holiday season. But they’re not just popular over the holiday season, or in this country alone. According to, nearly 22.9 million Nintendo Switches were sold worldwide as of September 2018.

The Nintendo Switch has been one of the most successful consoles sold because of its amazing graphics, multiple ways of use, and fun games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Overcooked and Mario Kart 8. According to, Nintendo is planning to release a brand new version of the Switch console next year. Keep your eyes peeled for when the new console hits shelves!