Lady Macbeth’s Laments (A Sequal to Macbeth)


Katherine Flores

Drawing by Katherine Flores

Suzette Miranda

[Lady Macbeth is walking back and forth]


Lady Macbeth: Macbeth has gone out of control. He won’t listen to reasoning, and who is to blame? I, I am to blame for this. I drove him to his madness and now he cannot he helped.


[Lady Macbeth walks to the window and looks outside]


Lady Macbeth: The woods are moving. No. They’re soldiers who must be here for Macbeth. He had done too much to be forgiven. I have done too much to be forgiven.


[Lady Macbeth walks to the mirror, looks at it, and in anger, breaks it]


Lady Macbeth: I can’t stay here. I have to go, but how?


[Lady Macbeth starts walking back and forth trying to think of any way to get out]


Lady Macbeth: What…What if I kill myself?


[she picks up one of the pieces of glass on the floor that she broke from the window]


Lady Macbeth: No, that’s stupid. I can’t do something like that.


[Lady Macbeth throws the glass on the floor]


Lady Macbeth: What if I fake it? Yes, that will work. If Macbeth thinks I have died, he won’t be looking for me when I run away.


[Lady Macbeth starts taking the sheets from her bed and ties them to her waist, and then tied one on her neck, making it look like she is hanging herself. To finish it, she ties the sheet to one of the beams]


Lady Macbeth: This looks believable enough, but will it work? What if it doesn’t? What if he sees through it and kills me for trying to run away? Have I thought through this enough? No, I have to do this. I can’t stay here. I am already going insane, and I need a fresh start.


[Lady Macbeth gives off an agonizing scream and jumps. She hears steps and a voice. it sounds like a demon but she can’t be sure. She waits a while and then hears nothing. She is sure that the demon left. She opens her eyes and sees that no one is there]


Lady Macbeth: It…. it worked.


[Lady Macbeth unties herself and heads to the door and leaves. As she is getting out of the castle she, hears Macbeth speak]


Lady Macbeth: Not even a tear! Did I not mean anything to him? Had he stopped caring for me, and gave his whole heart the crown?


[Lady Macbeth wipes a tear]


Lady Macbeth: I should go before someone finds out that I am no longer in my room.

[Lady Macbeth steals a horse and heads off. As she is going, she turns around to see a shape of something that looks like a head. She hears cheering and knows that Macbeth is dead]


Lady Macbeth: I am sorry; I am to blame for what has happened to you. And I hope that somehow you can forgive me.


[Lady Macbeth rides off]


[A ghost like figure appears]


Macbeth’s ghost: You are forgiven.