Unintentional Lovers (A Preview)

Victoria Lorenzi

Everyone knew the dangers that lay, yet they still come to “play”. Whether it’s to actually learn or to get away from home, people still came to the school that was a literal living hell hole. A couple of years back this town had been overcome with demonic creatures known as vampires. They started sprouting out of the basements of the town’s high school, Mystic High, a rather big place to have an infestation. Though they are cold blooded, they didn’t harm the students that attend their school. There were two high schools, Ruby and Sapphire, connected at the hip, by a third, Crystal Creative Arts Center.

The students who attended Ruby and Sapphire were placed in the building based off of their residences, while Crystal was everyone’s land. The vampires that came out of a specific school are only loyal to that side, or so that’s how it was supposed to be. The vampires from Ruby, the smaller and run down school, started getting greedy and started abusing the students from their own school and any other students that had wandered into their land. Sapphire High treasured their students, only saving their own, not wanting to get caught in the mess of the Ruby vampires. The students of each school knew that. Of course the ones protected were unfazed but were pitiful towards their friends while Ruby students loathed their counterpart, wanting to take their place instead. In Crystal, vampires from both schools would meet, not talking unless necessary, for they didn’t want to start trouble. Though everything sounds contained it was possible for students to have classes in both buildings, so the greedy vampires saw this as a way to get fresh meat. This is where the story begins.

The hustle and bustle of moving students through the corridors of the two high schools was rather numbing to new students. School has been even more numbing since the vampires have pretty much taken over the school. To her, a first time freshmen in the school, the feeling of having those beasts watching your every move was nerve-racking. She felt that if she messed up her life would be over. Their eyes followed her everywhere as she went from Chemistry, to AP Literature, to Creative writing, to Photography, to Music Theory, to Symphonic Orchestra, and then to AP Calculus. She was never alone. Yet music made her happy and made her forget everything. One time she forgot a little too much as she had wandered into the other high school that day.

Now it was normal for students to have to move in between the two high schools since they had an all glass wing that separated the two high schools. Alex happened to be one of the lucky freshmen who did not have to travel between the two high schools and endure the torture of getting caught in a hall-sweep of the vampires between the schools. Her music was blasting through her ears, she hadn’t been watching where she was going and ended up in the Ruby side with the bell about to ring. Only when a vampire from Sapphire grabbed her wrist, did she realize that she walked too far. The deafening sound of the school bell caused the students to start to become frantic. The students from Ruby tried to run into Sapphire whilst the vampires from Ruby grabbed them and held them back.

Meanwhile the vampires from Sapphire were just trying to save their own students from Ruby. The thing is, if you were late to school without a pass you became a meal to a respective vampire of the school. It doesn’t sound too bad if you are in Sapphire, the vampires are gentle, giving off a pleasurable feeling that they like you. The Ruby vampires are another story. They pounce on the students and tear into the students’ neck. While they can’t kill them, they surely do enjoy making the teenagers tremble. With Crystal being no man’s land, the Ruby vampires rush into Crystal trying to grab as many students as possible. Alex was lucky to have been grabbed by the Sapphire vampire, since she has been claimed already, the Ruby vampires couldn’t touch her. Of course she was scared. After all, this is her first year in the high school, let alone the first time she’s has ever been late to class.



{Check out next year’s edition of the Emerald Echo to read more of Alex’s story in her vampire infested High school!}