Sophomore Suggestions


Julia Spadaro

As a sophomore entering the high school, you are probably scared, excited, and stressed all at the same time. Everyone feels this way their first year in high school. Starting a new school alone is a challenge, but coming to terms with the fact you’re now a high school-er and the end is near is also a struggle. I can assure you though, the high school isn’t as scary as some people may make it seem.

The high school is big, and you might have classes in both schools, so make sure you get a minute pass in the beginning of the school year. If you don’t have a lunch period, the high school also offers a program so you can get lunch throughout the day. Take advantage of all the opportunities the high school has to offer. At the high school there are many different clubs, sports, and activities, varying in interests. I highly recommend you join as many clubs as you can manage in your sophomore year.

Clubs will help you meet new people, find new interests, and get you more involved at the high school. It’s important to step outside of your comfort zone once in a while, and join clubs that you maybe aren’t totally interested in, because who knows, you may find an unknown passion that you have. If you aren’t sure what club to join, ask friends, teachers, and upperclassmen about some clubs that they enjoy or are a part of. Yes, I said talk to upperclassmen, we aren’t scary and we were all sophomores once, and can usually give you some insight on things we did in our sophomore year.

There are tons of electives offered at the high school. If art and music aren’t your thing there are other electives you can take to break up your day. Electives range from business classes to engineering classes to ROTC. Similar to clubs, taking electives will help you meet new friends with similar interests as you. Challenge yourself when it comes to choosing classes.

There are many AP classes offered at the high school, which you can receive college credit for. Take your classes seriously. Work hard and get good grades, it will all pay off in the end, I promise. Another tip is to become close with your teachers. Your teachers are there to help and guide you. Ask them questions about things going on at the high school, clubs, and other classes that you are unsure about.

You will get used to the high school eventually, but you will continue to learn new things everyday about the school, or a shorter route to your class that you didn’t realize existed. Just remember to be yourself and allow yourself to grow academically and socially in the high school. So far in my experience, high school will bring out the best of you. It may be scary at first, but eventually, just like everything else, you will get used to the people, the size, and the teachers

here. Enjoy your sophomore year because before you know it you will be stressing about college. Hopefully if your sophomore year is like mine, it will not be one to forget!