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To Pep or Not to Pep?

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To Pep or Not to Pep?

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“B-wood! B-wood! B-wood!” echoed through the halls of Brentwood High School on Friday, September 15th. In the Sonderling Gym, attendees of the pep rally made boisterous chants and dressed in vibrant green and white clothing. They also wore face paint to display their Brentwood school spirit. We interviewed student attendees of the pep rally to tell us about their experiences and their own school loyalty at this exciting event. The varsity teams and varsity cheer leading squad brought vibrant energy to the event. With all the screaming, dancing, and awesome tricks and flips, the rally was an incredible sight to see.

Pep Rally was something that all seniors and athletes looked forward to, but at the end of 4th period, multiple students ran excitedly throughout the halls. Their destination was the Sonderling Lobby, where the shouts from the students filled the entire school. According to  a senior who was present at the “prank” named Kenny, “There was mad excitement and hype.At the beginning of 5th period, an announcement was made to encourage students to remain respectful of classes. The students listened and the running stopped until the bell rang for 7th period to end.

When they announced that all seniors and athletes report to the Sonderling Gym, the hallways were crowded with ecstatic students. At the moment of arrival, the gym was full of amplified screams reaching the roof; students were truly excited for this day, a day they have waited for since they first entered the High School.

Brentwood Superintendent Mr.Loeschner and student Natasha Dussek show their Brentwood Pride at the Pep Rally.

There were many teams that came to attend the pep rally, such as: the wrestling team, lacrosse team, football team, baseball team, and many others were well-represented. Even though it was for only one period, most of the students in the gym agreed that this was an unforgettable time for them: “These moments are memorable because there was so much chaos and energy,” said senior Angy Vizcarra. The crowd came out with their own unique ways of showing Brentwood pride. For instance, Vizcarra proudly stated,“I went all out in green and BHS was written all over my body!

The Brentwood Varsity Cheerleading squad is all smiles!

Why do we have pep rally every year? It is a school tradition – a last hurrah before the seniors graduate. The rally shows that the school appreciates the students coming together and having the time of their lives. When the sports teams come together every year, they celebrate how hard they work and how dedicated they are to Brentwood and their teams. Brentwood High School is like a second home to seniors. They’ve come to this school for three years and now this day sets the stage for their bright futures ahead. As senior Tommy Madrid said, “School spirit is pride for where you come from.”

With pep rally coming to an end before the big game, students began to leave school with high hopes. Something people can look forward to for next year’s pep rally is more explosive joy and possibly more creative outfits from students. In order to improve the pep rally, what are some things you can recommend?  To share more ideas for next year’s Pep Rally, go to your student council representatives today. CC


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To Pep or Not to Pep?