Wrestling: The Upcoming Season

Franklin Serrano

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Wrestling is a rough sport. The wrestlers practice 3-6 hours a day, 6 days a week. Wrestling is a winter sport, but wrestling camps and clubs are held year round for practice and preparation. The Brentwood High School Wrestling Team has won the championship for two years because they practice every day during the off-season to become better for the upcoming season.

If you have ever considered joining the wrestling team, there are many requirements to meet. The wrestlers have to attend all of their classes and maintain passing grades. If the wrestlers fail any classes they may get kicked off of the team or do more work than the other wrestlers at practice. The wrestlers can’t disrespect anybody because it can ruin the wrestling team’s name and reputation. Also, team members must avoid junk food because it can make them slow and heavy. In wrestling, there are different weight classes, so it is very important that players are able to maintain their current weights. Luis Acuveudo explains that new players should “prepare for wrestling before joining” because the wrestlers have to commit mentally, physically, and emotionally. Some wrestlers have said that the sport is the most difficult sport they have ever encountered.

Joining the wrestling team means creating bonds that can last a lifetime. One of the newest coaches at Brentwood High School even used to be a member of the school’s wrestling team. Coach Alex Gomez is one of the best wrestlers in the State and is happy to be teaching the new wrestlers at Brentwood High School.  Aside from Coach Gomez, there are 3 other coaches that help the wrestlers to succeed at state, counties, and nationals. Each coach shows the wrestlers a lot of care and respect to make the team feel like they’re a family.

On the wrestling team, everybody takes care of one another. If a person is sick, injured, or has his own personal problems, every one works together to help them. The coaches also ensure that the wrestlers aren’t carrying anything like a sickness because it can affect the other wrestlers. The coaches makes sure that every wrestler leaves the room they practice in without any mess or safety hazards.

If anybody wants to be part of the wrestling team, don’t be afraid to try out. You can be part of a caring team that has a 2 year league championship streak. Join one of the best Brentwood sports teams of the decade and be proud to be a Brentwood student athlete.