An Unforgettable Homecoming for Brentwood

RESULTS ARE IN! Homecoming King and Queen announced; Insights on football game included.

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An Unforgettable Homecoming for Brentwood

Andrea Jimenez and Kyara Penalbert

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Brentwood hosted their annual homecoming dance on September 15, 2017, which was followed by the big football game on September 16, 2017. For years, large events like the homecoming dance and football game have  been an important tradition. Many people must lend a helping hand in preparing and planning for these events. 

Homecoming Dance

September 15 was a night to remember for over 700 students who attended the school homecoming dance. The dance was sold out in less than two days. The excitement over who would win homecoming king and queen was easily felt. It was a topic no one could stop talking about!

At our homecoming dance, everyone dressed up in proper attire. Girls wore dresses and heels with their hair and makeup done. Guys wore button up shirts with dressy pants. Instead of having a traditional number of winners (one king and one queen), Sonderling had two kings who tied, Nathaniel Gilmore and Carter Hester. The Sonderling homecoming queen was Chelsie Aragon. In Ross, the homecoming king was Edilson Diaz, who was accompanied by Chayanne Melendez as homecoming queen.

Game Day

The following day Brentwood High School’s football team faced a loss against Northport, but the crowd remained cheerful and supportive. With the help of our school band, the Green Machine, as well as Brentwood’s Varsity Cheerleaders, the crowd was still full of energy.

Sophomore captain of the football team, Kenny Lazo (jersey #1 on the field), recently won MVP in his first year of playing for the varsity team. He explained the vigorous training that had taken place before game day, “Our coach made us have a long practice just so we could prepare for the big game.” The senior captain, Colin Jahkah (#10), the quarterback for our football team, is listed in the top 100 football players on Long Island. Colin scored a rushing touchdown during the game, which had the crowd ecstatic. Even though Brentwood lost the game, the varsity team had some very good plays with the help of many athletes, and stayed determined throughout.

As the years progress, these traditions will continue in Brentwood. We hope to see the boys football team win against Northport next year! Please stay tuned for coverage of further school dances, including Senior Banquet and Prom!