How to Live with Older Siblings



Brothers can be manageable...sometimes.

As the youngest in the family with two older identical brothers, I can confirm that I get away with many things. Something broken? My obvious excuse is, “THE TWINS DID IT!” Older siblings are useful resources to have, considering that they have responsibility over us most of the time. However, when they aren’t useful, they can end up being a huge pain. You have snacks you want to save for later? Too late; it’s now in your brother’s room, along with your Nintendo Switch. These steps will demonstrate what the younger sibling can do in order to put his or her older siblings in their place.

Necessary Materials:

  • A sibling or two

    Virginia Ayala
    My double chocolate vanilla muffin had to face the consequence of me not hiding it well enough.

1. Hide the good snacks in a personal location.

There is a high chance that your older sibling will come out from their cave to scour your room for snacks. My brothers always come to my room for candy or chips, occasionally taking a couple of the Sunny D’s I leave by my bed. However, they don’t know where I hide the good snacks, such as my sodas, Pop Tarts, and Limón Lays chips (which they apparently love).I tend to hide my favorites in places they wouldn’t dare to look, such as behind my baskets of shoes in the closet. It’s a perfect place for my Ramune. This is what happens when you don’t defend your double chocolate chunk vanilla muffin.

2. Get to the dinner table first to get the best of the food.

My mom always cooks what my brothers want to eat. Sometimes it’s something amazing, while other times I refuse to eat it. However, those few times I love what’s on the table, I make it a habit to get to the dinner table first to gobble up all of the best foods. My mom once brought home KFC with mashed potatoes, gravy, and biscuits along with the best KFC has to offer: the chocolate cake. Getting to the table first meant that I got to eat as much of the mashed potatoes as I wanted, with all the gravy in the world, along with the BIGGEST slice of that chocolate cake.

3. Need a ride? Use your elder sibling as your own personal taxi.

My brothers are the only ones that drive, so they’re the ones required to take me when I have medical appointments, want to hang out with friends, need to get dropped off at school, or have to get picked up from the public library. Though they hate it, they adhere to my requests as I have yet to obtain my license.

4. If things don’t work out, just cry.

Virginia Ayala
Dobby, from Harry Potter, who is said to be my twin, according to my brothers.

When things get tough, I like to be whiny and annoying. Although I’m already almost 18 it’s still in my resume as the youngest to be irritating to her big brothers (or big bothers). I bet we’ve all had our moments where we’ve cried because of something they’ve done or said. For example, when we were on vacation in Virginia to visit family, my uncle and brothers watched a Harry Potter movie, one in which Dobby appears. They teased me the whole day, and when complaining to mom didn’t work, I sobbed my way through it. That sure made them apologize, or they wouldn’t have gotten dinner that night, uncle included.

A sibling is a sibling. We poke fun at each other and mess around. Sure, they make us cry, steal our food, and make us want to pull our hair out, but they’re fun to hang out with. At the end of the day, I can still steal their clothes, or ask them to buy me snacks or games. Recently, my brothers had plans to see Sonic the Hedgehog.You bet I’ll be forcing them to take me along.

Virginia Ayala
I still had to pay.