Time Loop

Melissa Vuong, Writer

Photo by Mrs. Taylor


Over and over again

The same old memories

The same old feelings, in my head.

My dearest friends, they never left.

My dearest family, they never passed.


I’m still the same old me.

I’m still youthful and free.

I’m still smiling like I’m still me.


This time loop’s still going on.

This time loop’s singing to me my old songs.

This time loop’s supposed to make me strong. 

This time loop’s what I needed all along.


In the loop though, I ponder.

In the loop, I wonder.

In the loop I’m still the same as ever.

In the loop I am who I am forever.


Nothing will ever get worse.

Nothing will ever get better.


I don’t have to feel my old tears 

at the cost of new smiles.

New smiles come with new tears.

New tears means new fears.


The source of the loop, powered by dread.

That’s what’s keeping this spell fed.

This is what’s holding me back.


And so, as I command it,

The river of time flows again.