The Lost Season

Brentwood athletes discuss how they are coping with a cancelled season and predict what the future holds.

Sophia Seda, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Sports Editor

This year, Brentwood varsity athletes have been unluckily cheated out of their spring sports seasons due to COVID-19. Juniors who were counting on this year to help them get into college have been put at a great disadvantage. Perhaps more sadly, seniors who had planned to make their mark in their final year on their respective sports teams never got to take their final bow.

However, with the newfound ability to train from home, some students have attempted to make the most of their unfortunate situationsMany have experienced personal and professional growth and wished to share their experiences with their peers.

The Arrow reached out to these astounding athletes for comment on their thoughts regarding a missed seasontheir at-home training, and their predictions on how sports might change. 

Jaylen Salgado 
Varsity Football Senior  

I feel terrible for the athletes entering this spring season because this was their [final] season ever and it was probably the last time they would ever play the sport competitivelyJunior year is the year to shine in general. I remember I did a lot [my junior year] to be recognized and so that colleges would know my name. Not being able to have that chance really sucks and I can’t even imagine what they are going through.  

Personally, I’ve been doing push-ups every day and an ab workout every other day. I recommend to do the same thing I’m doing because it’s probably the easiest workouts you could do. I don’t think sports will change drastically but they might limit recreational contact, such as not being able to give each other high fives after the games and things like thatbut I don’t think the physical contact of the sports will change because there would be no point of playing the sport. I’m very laid back so I’ve enjoyed being at home during this time. 

Norberto Dehoyos
Varsity Lacrosse junior 

Not being able to play has left me with a big “What if? mindset. The reality that this team will never be able to have closure is what bothers me the most. For many juniors this is the case, however luckily for me I was recruited by Wingate University, a D2 school, and committed around the beginning of April although it was almost rushed because of the whole virus.  

What I’ve been doing to stay in shape is a variety of body weight programs along with agility and conditioning. I recommend this not only to athletes but to anyone. I feel that the main aspect of sports that will change is the way travel leagues will operate. I feel they will limit out of state teams allowed to play at a given time. Along with the size of crowds that are allowed to attend a sporting event. I feel everything else will resume as normal 

The one thing I’ve learned is how strong work ethic can be especially during [unfortunate] times like these. We may not be able to compete but a lot of us train everyday like we are. As a Brentwood athlete who plays lacrosse, it is especially difficult to gain respect and be acknowledged by people in power because every school on Long Island is a powerhouse for this sport. However, after years I was finally noticed as one of the best in the 2021 class in an article in LILI and made cuts to the top 50 Suffolk Lacrosse Team. 

Aysia Oliver 
Varsity Softball Senior  

Ever since I joined Brentwood Varsity Softball, I would always imagine how my last game would go. I enjoyed making the seniors their posters every year and making their last game unforgettable. Not being able to share that last experience with girls I grew up playing with makes it hard for me.

The memories and pictures I would’ve loved to take with my parents, coaches, and teammates would’ve made that night amazing. I wanted to achieve All County this year and make Brentwood look a lot better compared to the way other towns view us. Not being able to show colleges how the juniors play due to the cancellation of the season is going to make it hard for them 100%.  

To stay active and  in shape, I’ve been working out every morning for about 2 hours followed with some hitting and fielding drills to keep my head still in the game during this time. I think some sports like basketball and football may feel weird because youre so [physically] close to your opponents, but in general I feel that all sports will go back to normal in about a year after the pandemic has ended. 

I’ve learned to always play games as if it’s your last because you never know when someone like this could take your senior season away. It still shocks me to know that I played my last game as a junior but at least it still was an amazing game. 

Growing up as a Brentwood athlete, I was always [praised for] the way I played the game with heart. When I was 11, I won the MVP award from Brentwood Little League as well as the following year. I’ve won several championship games with teammates and tournaments while growing up as well. However, when I joined the Brentwood Varsity Softball team as a 9th grader, I achieved a lot of recognition from other teams and coaches as well.

As a starting freshman on varsity, I was awarded with Playoff All Star from the Section XI, where I was nominated by the umpires across Long Island. When I’m playing the game, I love to interact with them just make their day a little better. As a sophomore, I was nominated as most improved from the Brentwood coaching staff. As a freshman I batted .324 with 17 K’s and as a sophomore I improved with a batting average of .440 and 5 strikeouts.

As a junior, I was awarded with an All-League award from Section XI. This year I would’ve pushed myself to achieve All County and [to be] nominated  for top 100 on Long Island. 

Katherine Montano
Varsity Softball Junior 

It‘s unfair that seniors aren’t able to play their last season. I know if it was me, I’d be really unhappy about it. They’ve poured their hearts into these sports and now they can’t play one last time? That’s a different kind of hurtI’ve been going to the park and practicing with my sister on the field. I think going out even for 30 minutes and walking around creates a routine and helps a lot.  

I have no idea how sports are going to change, close contact sports might be cancelled until everything is completely over and we don’t have any more deaths. I hope that nothing changes. We’ll just have to wait and see. I’ve learned that individual practice is really important and helpful for any sport and that it helps blow off steam and takes your mind off of things. 

Connor Mooney 
Varsity Football Senior  

I feel bad because senior year is [the seniors’] year to shine. Almost every senior wants to make it their best and now those seniors couldn’t do that. Juniors should be working out way more now to make up for all this lost time. I personally have a football workout, but I recommend kids should run every day along with alternating between upper body and leg workouts each day. Core exercises should be done every day! 

I don’t want sports to change but I think coaches will take it slow for a few weeks and then get right back into normal routine. As of right now, I do my work and perfect what I am able to do. By focusing on me, I was able to become one of the best wide receivers on Long Island, became stronger, faster, smarter, and learned what it means to be a man and how I can incorporate that into my character.  

Dashawn Trotman
Varsity Lacrosse Junior

I find it very disappointing that some senior athletes did not get to compete in their final season of high school sports as they didn’t get the full ideal experience that every athlete hopes for. The cancellation of the spring sport season has played a role in my recruiting and scholarship process, too.

I hoped to have a break out junior year and receive more interest from college coaches. COVID-19 has also delayed the start of my summer season which provides me exposure to many coaches at tournaments.  

As of now, my achievements include the Athlete of the Year award when I was a freshmen and was brought up to the Varsity level when I first entered ninth grade. Now, I have been doing daily workouts, daily runs and practicing my lacrosse schools in my own backyard. I recommend that other student athletes don’t get lazy during this time and use it as a period to improve their skills so when they do get to play their sport, they crush it!  

Going forward, I expect there to be certain guidelines followed by players, coaches and parents to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus as certain athletes and sports ease their way back into action. I have learned to not take any situation for granted as school, sports and my friends are all dearly missed. 

Emerese Noel
Varsity Lacrosse Senior 

This situation is obviously very disappointing. I wasn’t going to be playing my senior year because I tore my ACLhowever, it hurts to see my teammates, especially the seniors, speak about not having their last season. My team and I were also getting super close and when administration announced that sports were cancelled, it was depressing knowing I will never get to spend time with my team ever again. Junior year is the year that counts. It’s the year that college coaches watch out for, so just as much as the seniors were deprived of their season, the juniors were as well.  

To stay fit, I’ve been going to the Brentwood track, and making sure I keep up my cardio. I work out every day not only because it’s healthy but because it keeps my mind off the situation the world is in today. Student athletes shouldn’t let a pandemic stop them from working on their body and the sport.  

definitely expect a change. This is and will be our new normal that we have to get used to. I understand that regular testing on athletes will need to be implemented, however I don’t think the essence of sports will be altered. I’ve learned that acceptance is very important in hard times. I’ve been humbled by this pandemic and it has helped me understand that we are only in control of what we do and that we cannot change others or the situation around usI know my greatest achievement out of all this would be coming back from 2 ACL surgeries. 

Nicole Mena
Varsity Swimming Senior 

In terms of not being able to play sports because of Corona, I have not been affected due to my season having happened already. However, I know many people who are [affected]. It’s upsetting that some of these people won’t get to finish off their senior year strong and won’t be able to get the same celebration for dedicating many years of their life to their sport.

It’s sad to think of, but in the end, as long as we all stay safe and healthy, it’s okay. At home I’ve been working out a little every day that usually consists of a 5-minute to 30minute workout.  

When we return to school, I expect sports to be more careful with their players. Maybe they’ll get their players tested to make sure they don’t have any virus before they even start practicing. Over time I realized that it’s not just us who are impacted by this virus, it’s the whole world. We can’t get back to normal life unless we actually follow the rules and do everything we can to stay safe and stop this pandemic. 

Athletics are one of the most public ways we prove just how strong our community can be. The Arrow sends sympathetic regards to all our Brentwood athletes and wishes to congratulate each and every one of them for their amazing work throughout the years. A very special thanks goes out to those who participated in this article for sharing their stories and talents with us.