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Kabeer Ali, Staff Writer

Kabeer Ali is just a regular 17-year-old with some big dreams and a passion for history. He was born in Pakistan, a place rich in culture and heritage, and it's where his love for history began. Though he now calls Brentwood home, he's also lived in Lindenhurst, experiencing the diversity of different places. 

Currently, you'll find him working at Dunkin', but his heart is set on something bigger. He aspires to major in history because delving into the past and uncovering the stories of our ancestors fascinates him. His journey into self-discovery led him to embrace Islam during a time of reflection in quarantine. Faith has become an essential part of his life, guiding him towards greater understanding and inner peace. 

At home, it's just his mom, his two sisters, and him. After school, he dreams of traveling to places like Miami, Florida, and LA, reconnecting with his roots in Pakistan, and exploring the vibrant culture of Indonesia. While he loves listening to music, especially artists like Drill, Kay Flock, Sha Ek, and Lil T Jay, he’s working on cutting down to make more time for his studies and future adventures. 

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Kabeer Ali