The Blank Paper

Mehr Un Nisa

After graduating from high school in my country, I went to college where I was nervous to see so many students that can speak English well. I went to my first period class, which was English. I was nervous because I could not speak English very well. But I was able to read from the textbook.

After the bell rang, my English teacher came into my class, and he instructed us to write an essay in English in our own words. I couldn’t write an essay in my own words because I spoke a different language. I thought all the students had done with this project except for me. I gave the blank sheet to my teacher, and the teacher insulted me in front of all students. I felt ashamed and told the reason to the teacher.

He felt very bad after listening to my reason and told me not to be upset and that I should have told him before that. I said, “Okay, Sir.” At the last moment, I also apologized to the teacher about my essay and then said, “Goodbye.”

He said, “Bye. See you tomorrow in class.”



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