Nubians United Host Black History Month Expo

Nicole Olekanma

On Thursday, March 10, the Nubians United Club hosted an expo in the Ross library in honor of Black History Month that takes place from February 1 to March 1 every year. The expo ran from second period to seventh period, and showcased different African American figures in U.S. history such as MF Doom, Ida B. Wells, Angela Davis, Beyoncé, and Spike Lee.

Students had a range of activities to participate in including a bingo based on the expeditions. After going around the room and learning about the life and accomplishments of many pivotal colored individuals in history, students could guess the person described in each box of the bingo. The winner at the end was awarded a $10 Amazon gift card.

Many students found that the bingo encouraged them to pay attention to the exhibitions. With an activity that gave the kids a reason to walk around and view the projects, students were able to actively discuss and consume a lot of information about historical African American figures. 

You can view some of the presentations in the gallery here:

There was also a Kahoot game with fun, engaging questions about Black pop culture. The winner of the Kahoot won free brownies from the concession stand. Accompanying the music that played in the background throughout the day, a concession stand was set up for students to purchase refreshments. 

During the pandemic the past two years, in-person gatherings and expositions like this couldn’t happen. So, the Nubians United club was ecstatic to have the opportunity to create a space where students can connect, learn, and have fun. The club also appreciated that they could host an event for Black History Month where students had the ability to learn about the contributions that African Americans have made in American history.  

If anyone is interested in joining the Nubians United club, they meet after school on Wednesdays in room 172o.