Arthur’s Big News Scoop


By K. Wilson

Arthur, a newspaper journalist, had just entered a coffee shop. It was early in the morning and he was extremely anxious. His palms were sweating, and his throat was dry. He was scheduled for a job interview at a news media company at 10:00 a.m. That morning and he couldn’t stop thinking about it. He got on the line at the coffee shop and began to tap his foot impatiently while staring at his watch counting the amount of time left until he had to go to his interview.  

Arthur had just made it to the front of the line and was about to order his usual espresso when the doors of the coffee shop flung open.  

“Bang” went the door, and a frightened man ran inside. Arthur turned his head toward the commotion abruptly.  

The frightened man shouted, “Quick! Someone call 911. Please, I’m begging you.”  

Susan, the owner of the coffee shop, said, “No problem, hun, but what for?”  

The frightened man responded, “It’s my daughter. She fell down the sewer drain in the street. I didn’t think this was something that could actually happen. “  

Susan gasped “Oh my! I will call 911 this instant.” Arthur was shocked at what he had  just heard. Some walked out and gathered around the drain where the young girl had fell.  

Arthur walked out the coffee shop as well and walked up to the frightened man who was now outside. “I’m sorry this happened to your daughter, sir,” said Arthur sadly.  

“Ah thank you for your concern, son” responded the frightened man.” Arthur looked down the sewer drain and saw the young girl. She was crying and was obviously in pain.  

“Are you alright down there?” yelled Arthur.  

“No, I’m not I’m unable to get up,” said the young girl in between sniffles.  

Arthur talked to the young girl and tried to comfort her until the first responders came to the scene. He also comforted the girl’s father as well and even interviewed him to bring attention to the faulty metal bars over the city’s sewer drains. You see the young girl had been walking with her  father when she stepped on the metal bars over the sewer and fell in. By the time the first responders came it was almost time for Arthur’s interview. Arthur said goodbye to the young girl and her father. She had been airlifted out of the sewer. The girl broke both her legs from the fall and was rushed to the hospital. Arthur got into his car and sped off to his interview. At the interview, Arthur was asked what kind of news stories he could bring to the table. Arthur responded, “Well, I can bring attention to major problems in the city that need to fix and well I got a big news scoop that just happened today that needs to be brought to light.”