Prom. A very hopeful night. People have been waiting for this day all their life! Girls were getting ready for the night at 3pm, putting on their eyeshadow and getting their hair curled. The guys were searching up on YouTube how to tie a tie because they were too embarrassed to ask their fathers for help. There was so much pressure and excitement all around.

Not to mention, for a girl to not get a proper promposal was just the mark of their social status. The school would be talking about it for at least two weeks before getting sidetracked with the preparations for the big day. I mean everyone in the school was talking about this day. There is nobody who hasn’t heard about prom. I mean just the weird social outcasts that barely go to school but even they knew about prom.

So of course, the school gem knew about it. Every girl envied her. Her beauty was just out of this world. Her dark luscious black hair had the most elegant little curls at the bottom that just bounced with every step she took. Then her gorgeous blue eyes, the perfect shade of blue. If you stared too long at them, you could probably get lost in them. I mean this girl was kissed by the sun. She was incredibly nice and caring as well. She was smart, the teachers loved her, everyone loved her. I mean who wouldn’t? When she transferred to the school, she was immediately taken in by the popular kids. They absolutely loved her.

It didn’t take long for the captain of the soccer team to notice her. She’s everything a guy could dream about. A couple of months passed by and to nobody’s surprise, they were both dating. They always held hands in the hallways and kissed between classes. They were the fairytale relationship that everybody wanted. This girl had it all. She seemed to live the perfect life, but her past remained a mystery. She never brought up her past and anybody who tried to would become the laughingstock of the school.

Her name was Eleanor. Most of her “friends” would call her El for short. On this very special day she was also getting ready like all the other senior girls were. She her very own reminisced about the promposal Jacob️ had done for her. He made a whole scavenger hunt for her all around the school. Each clue gave her a letter to the place where she was going to evidently meet up with him, ending at the fountain, the same fountain where he asked her to be his girlfriend.

At the fountain there were fairy lights everywhere, like the moon up in the sky shining like never before. Eleanor was stunned to see all her friends there with gifts in their hands. Then she realized they were all Jacob’s gifts to her, and they were just holding them. They were little mannequins unable to move with envy in their eyes. That night, to Eleanor at least, was just hers and Jacob’s. Even if she felt the piercing eyes staring at her with fake smiles. She put faked a smile as well and hugged the man she pretended to care for, responding to the obvious question if she would go to prom with him.

She and Jacob decided to wear blue, ultimately to bring out her blue eyes. Never did she imagine this day to come honestly. By now she should’ve been dead. Her blue dress ended in off-white ruffles that shimmered splendidly. Her white eyeshadow matched her heels. Jacob wore a white suit and blue tie. Then around 7:45 they were both on their way to prom, the night that would end up shaking the entire town.

The school gym was booming to say the least. Teenagers everywhere. The air was thick. Moist. The smell of all the different perfumes clashing with one another. It was a very tense but also welcoming environment. Teachers were looking shabby. All the guys in their suits. Girls in their endless different colored dresses dancing the night away. Eleanor blending with everyone else. In that moment status didn’t matter. Everyone was just having fun. Fun. Like such thing exists.

The principal of Saber High got on the stage. It was time to pick the prom queen and king. The nominations for king were Charles Drew, Alexander Fuslie, and Jacob Walker. The queen nominations were Steph Baker, Olivia Stone, and Eleanor. The principal looked up confused. There was no last name. But seeing as everyone in the crowd knew who this Eleanor was, they just continued with the ceremony. With all six of them up on the stage with the principal. They started announcing who had won. “This year as our prom king I am honored to say it is Jacob Walker!” The gym roared with applause. A crown was placed on his head adorned with fake crystals on each spike.

“And now as queen of this year’s prom we have…” The room was silent anticipating what was about to leave the principals mouth. “Olivia –” Screams interrupted the very important moment. “Please sir stay back! We will give you the money!” A woman shouted in terror.

“Just leave the kids alone,” said one of the male teachers. After a distinct thud it all went quiet. Deadly quiet. Everyone ran to the gym doors but to their horror they were locked, completely locked. They wouldn’t even budge. Then five men with a bit of blood on their long coats entered the gym.

“Nobody move,” said one of them to the left, in a very calm and distinct tone. The one in the middle of the group looked up.

“Eleanor, darling, you know you can’t run away from me.” With a smirk on her face, and the crown on her head, she tipped off to one side and sat on the prom queen’s throne.

Everyone looked at her dumbfounded. They were all confused. “How could you do this to us?” Jacob asked in mid tears and agony. There was hatred and disappointment in his stare.

Walking down the stage, she walked in the direction of the mysterious man in the middle, kissed him on the cheek then whispered in his ear. “I’ll meet you in the car.” With a smirk she walked outside. With screams in the background, she peacefully got in the car. With a bodyguard to open the door for her on top of it all.

Darlings, this is where we start the story of Eleanor. A simple, perfect girl. With nothing to hide.