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Corianna, an avid Netflix binge-watcher who spends way too much time investing her unrequited love into fictional characters, knows she wants to go to college. For what? The world may never know. (For now, at least.) She was born and raised in Long Island, growing up a lonely only child who isn't selfish despite popular only child stereotypes. She is 16 years old, turning 17 in January, and attends Brentwood High School where she excels at English and Math. She also takes many advanced level classes. When she is not stressing over copious, arduous homework assignments at one a.m. with sleep deprivation and droopy eyes, she plays her piano named Reina, adds to her art wall of drawings, sings, and writes surprisingly popular fan-fiction about a town called Riverdale.

Corianna Jackson, Staff Writer

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